Revised Criteria on XRPredict

Further to some additional market research we have changed some fundamental criteria on the website to help with compliance, confidence and interaction.

  • We have changed the verification for the current target to: the XRP in USD value on the CryptoCompare.
  • We have reduced the cost of one prediction to just $2.00 from $5.00
  • We have raised the limit on the amount of predictions you can make from 10 to 50.
  • We have also reduced the Current Target to $0.40 due to the slow market. Moving forwards we wish to set the current target at a more attainable level to allow more interaction and frequent payouts.
  • We have reduced the prediction restriction from 7 days to just 24 hours to entice further predictions closer to the target amount.
  • Minor changes to the website including the Tour and Backend.
  • We have refunded in full the predictions made at the $5.00 value. The ledger reflects this.

We look forward to welcoming you again at XRPredict, we hope that your next prediction is a lucky one!