How full are your bags?

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As the market is still volatile jumping up and down daily we can see that XRP has yet to uncouple from the mighty but slow BTC. How full are your bags. It’s not time to keep¬† wishing for a further dip saying “when it’s $0.25 I will buy…” The time is now.

Whilst we definitely offer no financial advise and urge your to research for yourself; do you not think the next Bull Run is imminent? Your bags should be packed and you should be queuing in line ready to board for the moon!

Get your predictions in before we miss the $1.00 value level altogether! Remember, a $5.00 contribution at $0.33 equates to a $15.00 value at $1.00. The more people predict the target value event at these prices; the bigger the return for the winner, that winner could be you!

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